Food for Good. 

We love food, not just for the taste but for how it brings people together, the way it transcends generations, brings back memories, and fuels us with health. We love food for how it shapes our lives. Our products are a reflection of this. We want to bring you health and joy that stems from the kitchen. A kitchen where food stands for all things good. 

Functionally Beautiful.

At Nutrion, we believe the most beautiful things are the ones you love to use again and again. Our products are rooted in needs, inspired by traditions and shaped by science & imagination in equal measure. 

For You and the Future.

There is something innately comforting about things that we've had our whole lives, like sipping from our own stained old mug, or the taste of mom's kheer made in that age old cookware. We hope our products become heirlooms and for it to become a little anecdote in your grandchild's story. So we try hard to bring you products that you wouldn't need to, or want to change. If gravity wins and you do have to discard it, we've made sure it doesn't burden the earth. 


A Tiny Bunch with Big Dreams

Nutrion began because our founders could not find a cast iron dosa tawa like the one they had inherited. What started out as a simple domestic need, has today become a fierce passion for our team and our network of artisans.  We hope to look deep into our roots, revive our kitchen traditions and shape it for modern Indian families.