10 Inch  All Natural Clay Serving Bowl

10 Inch All Natural Clay Serving Bowl

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Made using 100% lead free glazes, and completely safe for food use
Handcrafted by our artisans in Kerala





10 Inch Bowl

500 Grams

10 Inch

4 Inch

 FIRST USE Wash the cookware with any natural cleanser (ash, coarse salt, baking soda etc.) and water. Salt is a good, natural scrub for all natural cookware Fill the cookware with water and boil it (only if its a cookware) Discard the water and use the cookware as needed Clay Serveware: Simply wash with hot water and any natural cleanser before use.
Always store in a clean dry place After use, cookware must be dried well. Avoid contact with moisture Use gentle scrubs, cleansers and spatulas/ladles. Do not use any chemical on clay, as it may get stored in the pores of the cookware/servware.